Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures of Our Road Trip

My pictures were of the night before "Learn Nothing Day", while we were all still trying to learn something. Go here, and here, and here to check out some really great pictures of our day at the swimming hole.

Thanks to Alex, we have documentation of our impromptu belly dance session

Some Beautiful Unschooled Girls

Now, I like to talk...and there is no better forum than with a bunch of cool chicks!

Ella getting comfortable at Ren's

Max climbing

Hangin' out on the deck

Abbi, taking a picture of Alex, taking a picture of Abbi

Friday, July 25, 2008

More Learning...Errr, Nothing!

At the last minute, we decided to road trip in order to hang out with some unschoolers to celebrate Learn Nothing Day. What an adventure! Thanks to Ren for letting this horde invade her home...even though she was still at work! As we left the gathering and drove into the sunset we reflected on this whirl wind of a trip. The kids were so happy with the new unschooling friends they met and connecting with friends they already know and love. Did we learn anything??? Against our best efforts, yes we did. Some of us learned more about ourselves, others learned tidbits of information that will continually connect with other tidbits.

I have some great pictures, but my computer is not recognizing my camera, so I'll have to post pictures at a later date.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I have found hero, my savior, my new Massage Therapist! When I received the two massages for my birthday at a relatively new clinic called Body Wisdom, I was happy and excited that I could ration out my two massages. I have, however, been spoiled by a few life-changing massages, and therefore, have been disappointed by many more that have not lived up to my expectations. I have some very deep muscle issues that require intense bodywork. So I went in wanting it all, but expecting some fluff and stuff. Not only was this massage no kind of fluff and stuff, but it was so amazingly therapeutic that I wept when it was over. I actually wept...with sheer pleasure and joy. I have found her. She is a genius and I have now worked it into the budget so I can get a massage every two weeks. I am truly in heaven!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Welcoming Friends

Our lives have been so full this summer, not only have I not been blogging, but I haven't been capturing moments with pictures either! I think it's my rebel coming out...I don't want to feel like I have to capture the moment...or write about it for that matter! I paused momentarily in the fun to capture a few images this week. When an incredible unschooling family moves what amounts to across the universe from Minnesota to Georgia, I felt like it required at least a small photographic notation. So, Kelli, Tim, Alec, Abbi, and Kyra...welcome to Georgia! We're so glad you're here. And thank you for bringing Wendy and Shelby more visibly into our lives. I feel so lucky to know you all.

Wendy and Shelby invited us to this very special spot. This bridge is 107 years old!

The swimming area under the bridge

The sliding rocks
Base camp...fried chicken, brie, baby carrots, black eye pea salad, pad thai, chocolate zucchini muffins, honey wheat pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, Wendy, etc.
Natures' water slide
Our beautiful Georgia unschooling girls
More rock sliding

Sophie base jumping at our favorite waterfall/swimming hole
Kyra base jumping, or is she flying?
Warming up on the rocks after a long cold swim
More of our beautiful girls