Friday, March 26, 2010

Emerging from Hibernation

Attending Cameron Lovejoy's Autodidact Symposium has awaken something in us. Although only Alex and I attended, what we brought back has touched all of our lives.

Blake Boles and Wes Beach both inspired us as we move toward the young adult stage of our kids' unschooling lives.

Wes helped us to see that navigating the "high school transcript" is much easier than we anticipated, and Blake affirmed that highlighting the uniqueness of our kids' non-traditional schooling is actual preferable to potential colleges than trying to fit their lives into the schooling box.

In addition, exposure to Blake's Homeschool Leadership Retreats has inspired not only Alex, but Sophie and Max as well.

Alex has begun translating his "freshman year" into a narrative transcript. He has also begun research into several potential internships with locally owned businesses. He has already secured himself a student assistantship with the Chattanooga Theater Center as Assistant Manager for the production of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Max is over the moon excited about Blake's Winter Snowboarding Retreat. We're working on the details, and hope Max will be able to attend in Dec.

After hearing about Blake's Novel Writing Retreat, Sophie began her own version of the NaNoWriMo event. She set herself the goal of writing a 50, 000 word novel in 31 days. She's 10,000 words in, and doing extraordinary well.

Everybody seems to be following their bliss. I'm just trying to provide encouragement, strew their paths, and stay out of their way.


Elizabeth said...

It all sounds so fabulous! I hope you enjoyed your winter slumber and are ready for the wonders of spring/summer!

laura said...

i love you all!!

Ren said...


Shanna said...

It has inspired something over here, too...!

Shanna said...

It has inspired something at our house as well!